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stuyvesant, ny




We have a variety of breeds that make up our flock.  The foundation of our flock is East Friesian, which were brought here to start the first sheep dairy in the country some 20 odd years ago, called Hollow Road Farm.  East Friesian ewes are renowned for their high milk yields. When the cheese business was sold, meat breeds like dorset and texel were introduced into the flock.  We have a smattering of other breeds, including a natural color Black Welsh Mountain Sheep, Scottish Blackface and Tunis.

We practice management intensive grazing with our sheep. During the grazing season they move to new sections of grass (called paddocks) every few days. This way the sheep graze more evenly instead of picking and choosing the younger and often tastiest grasses. It ensures that the flock gets the most calories out of every acre of pasture.