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Fatstock farm is a small family farm in Stuyvesant, NY entering its second season of production.  We practice multi-species intensive grazing with our sheep, chickens, turkeys and pigs. Our meat-CSA provides the surrounding communities with the highest quality meat that is raised with care and respect for the animals, the farmers, and the land that sustains them.

Fatstock Farm has been in operation since October 2012. We have had a successful first season with 25 CSA members from the Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan communities this year. Products sold included sheep and lamb, pigs, meat chickens, and eggs. This upcoming season we are looking to expand our market in the Hudson Valley region as well as in New York City.  

The team

John Agostinho, Farmer/Owner 

John Agostinho was born and raised in Queens, NY where his passion for food and farming interestingly began. His parents, who immigrated to this country 40 years ago from Portugal, both grew up on small homestead farms. They continued those traditions throughout John’s childhood, with his father tending small plots of land behind neighbors’ houses and his mother cooking amazing food reflecting their Portuguese heritage. That connection, although not truly realized at first, made a lasting impression that has lead John to reconnect with his family roots and the land.

John left a career in IT and began farming at the Queens County Farm Museum in Glen Oaks, Queens in 2010. There he learned about sustainable farming practices and helped raise over 40 varieties of vegetables. From there, John went to the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, in Pocantico Hills, NY.  As a livestock apprentice, John learned about multi-species grazing with the Center’s sheep, chickens, turkeys, geese and pigs.  The experience at Stone Barns solidified John’s love of farming as a career.  Over the course of two years, John worked closely with the livestock Manager, Craig Haney and the flock of Finn-Dorset sheep. He helped to improve the Center’s methods for record keeping and expanded their sales at local farmer’s markets in Westchester County.

At the conclusion of his second year as an apprentice at Stone Barns, John wanted to learn about the whole process of farming including the business aspects. John had the opportunity to start his own operation in Columbia County, which is now Fatstock Farm. Working with a landowner that understands and is passionate about farming, John has had the opportunity to take over a flock of about 70 ewes and 180 acres of land.

Through the first year of operation, John has been very excited to see the community that has come to support and invest in Fatstock Farm. John’s wife, Nichole Martini also serves in a business support capacity for Fatstock Farm.  With a background in Philanthropy and finance, Nichole’s skills and passion support the farm business with strategic planning and financial advice.  Nichole is also a co-founder of Where – a farm to fashion company, which is striving to connect buyers to local farm products like wool and hides.  Fatstock serves as the headquarters for Where and will continue to supply wool and hides from our flock. From family, former farm colleagues, and friends, Fastock launched with no debt to finance its operations and has had substantial sweat equity invested in the farm’s success.  

Ella, Director of Herding


Ella is a 3 year old border collie that came to us all the way from Wyoming.  She is the sappiest and smartest dog I have ever known. We work together everyday and she is an amazing asset to the farm.  If you should ever have the pleasure to meet Ella, you will no doubt be suckered into a belly rub, weather you know it yet or not.