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stuyvesant, ny


farm log

2014 Sheep Shearing Pictures

john farmer

We did 70 sheep in one day, which aint bad for a bunch of amateurs.  Thank again to Craig from @stonebarns and Donald from @glynwood for your help!  Also big thanks to Peggy Sue of @Where. for all her help at the skirting table.  

Just so you know we have socks and lamb hides for sale on our shop page.  

Last year we saved some of our wool and had it spun into really amazing socks, which we like to call Fatstock Fat-socks!  We have both heavy weight, hiking type socks and lightweight socks which are great all the time!

Also, look for our wool to be featured in Where's upcoming fall/winter lines @

Click through the pictures below to see some of the great shots from shearing day!